How to Do Self-promotion as a Writer? All You Need to Know is Here

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The Goals of Self-promotion

(1) Short-term Goal: Increasing the Exposure of Story

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Three Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Stories

(1) Contact with Readers

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When and How to Start Doing Self-promotion?

Self-promotion is a long-term process that cannot be done in one go. Even if you have no experience, you can start by communicating with readers through comments and Author’s Note. To encourage writers to do self-promotion and assist them in mastering it, the Stary 3rd Anniversary has launched various missions of self-promotion. By completing missions like sharing the event to the Author’s Note and social media and replying to readers’ comments, writers can gain the Lucky Draws to win the big prizes! If you want to practice self-promotion, as this article mentioned, take part in the Stary 3rd Anniversary here.



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